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My first novel.....

I love novels. My favorite genres are action adventure, British murder mysteries and tongue-in-cheek numbers written by such authors as Carl Hiassen. When it came time to write my own novel, I enthusiastically set out to write a British spy and murder mystery. But my brother Klaus pointed out that I'd never been to England, refusing to count my three-day business trip to London some twenty years ago. He told me that instead I should write about the neo-Nazis in North Idaho, right here where I live.

The problem is that there really aren't any neo-Nazis in North Idaho, not that I've noticed, anyway. There was that little enclave about 40 miles south of us near Hayden, but despite what the national press would have us believe, they really didn't amount ​​​​to much more than a dozen or so aging rednecks with bad attitudes, and to top it off, they got run out of the state over ten years ago. I never knew any of them anyway.

Then there was that ugly business at nearby Ruby Ridge back in 1992. I confess to knowing some people from Ruby Ridge, and although they're a little back-woodsy, they don't really qualify as Nazis. But Klaus argued that everybody thinks that North Idaho is just crawling with neo-Nazis and would be fascinated by a novel about them.

So what if there were an undetected enclave of neo-Nazis quietly hiding out in North Idaho...not rednecks with bad attitudes, but well-funded descendants of the original monsters. Dripping with handed-down hatred over the pounding their forefathers took in World War II, hell bent for revenge and armed by shrewdly-invested war booty, what harm could they possibly accomplish from this remotest part of the lower forty-eight? Not much, you say? Guess again. The world is not a safe place and the clock is ticking...

Ring of Fire the Adventure Begins
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Abby's third adventure is The Midas Diamond, scheduled for release in late 2013. To see what this story is about, click here.​​
 Screenplay Editions...

​​Ring of Fire the Adventure Begins and Hurricane Alley have also been written in screenplay format. If you would like more information about the screenplay version of either story, contact me at

 Look out, super villains! Here she comes....
Sexy and sassy, Abby Westminster is the only known illegitimate daughter of Her Majesty's greatest secret agent ever. She lost her mother at age three and was raised by a deep undercover operative masquerading as her grandfather. Over the years, the Service secretly taught her every defense and escape skill imaginable - just in case the wrong people found out who she was. She's all grown up now and is about to learn her true identity. Follow the action beginning with her first mission in Ring of Fire the Adventure Begins

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​​Abby Westminster returns in Hurricane Alley the Adventure Continues. To learn more about Abby's next adventure, scheduled for release mid-year 2013, click here.